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LXE Battery Packs Series

The LXE series is a product line from PYMCO Technology, manufactured in France (Cluses 74) at the SPRINGVOLT Factory in partnership with the SAVOY International Group.

This range includes battery packs with capacities from 5 to 6.5 kWh, specifically designed for light mobility applications such as motorcycles or light quadricycles classified under L5e, L6/L7e categories and others heavy duty applications hence the name LXE. .

Key features of the LXE series include a compact and easily integrable design, excellent thermal performance, IP65 rating, CANbus communication and a high level of repairability/maintainability thanks to PYMCO's "CELLSWAPP" non-soldering assembly technology.

The LXE series is also suitable for various industrial applications, including robotics and stationary storage.



- Weight: 35kg

- IP65 Waterproofness rating

- 8 mounting points (M8 threads in each corner)

- Casted aluminium enclosure with intergreted heatsink



- Voltage 24Vdc, 48Vdc , 72Vdc and 400Vdc according to version.

- Continuous power: up to 15kW with air flow cooling (natural vehicle flow)

- Peak power (30sec): Up to 30kW 

- Smart BMS with internal contactor and CANbus Communication

- Parralleble up to 10 packs on a system. Hot swap / smart connect.

- Integrated pre-charge circuit



- Integrated DC-DC converter for 12Vdc / 24Vdc output

- Integrated heating system SCW (Spot-Cell-Warming) for cold weather conditions


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